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RCI Studios

our FINE ART Portfolio

Below are some of our projects and works. These are just a few of the many incredible works of art that we've had the opportunity to be a part of. We are always expanding our portfolio and are looking forward to working with you and adding your art project to our repertoire of fine art.

'Sit With Me'                  'Stand With Me'
Sculpted by Derya Orparlak - Cast and Fabricated in Bronze by RCI Studios

Commissioned by Oeno Gallery - Read The Full Story at


Nikola Tesla Monument
Les Drysdale - Niagara Falls, ON

Cast and fabricated by RCI Studios. Sculpted by Canadian sculptor Les Drysdale. 

In an international competition, Les was chosen to create a Monument to Nikola Tesla, overlooking Niagara Falls. This work funded by the Serbian Orthodox Church of Niagara Falls is a testament to Tesla, the inventor of AC electricity and designer of the first hydro electric plant.

Presence in Absence
Ruth Abernathy - Trenton and Port Hope OnRoute, Ontario

‘Presence in Absence,’ sculpted by renowned sculptor Ruth Abernethy, cast and fabricated in bronze at RCI Studios"Presence in Absence" was unveiled at the Trenton North and Port Hope OnRoutes as part of the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign.
'Presence in Absence' shows the silhouettes of a handful of the heroic Canadian Armed Forces members who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and security of our country, and of those in need around the world.

The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign has supported the planting of 2.5 million trees in total, at over 825 planting locations across Ontario, and over 4,000 volunteers have been involved in planting trees since 2015. It’s the world's largest known living tribute of its kind.
Learn more about the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign here:

Light & Energy
Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA, Wellington, ON

In August 2022 we had the pleasure of working with Tom Ashbourne, Sculptor SSC SCA OSA, casting and fabricating this beautiful bronze sculpture! 'Light and Energy' is one of the first bronze sculptures by Tom and we are thrilled to have been a part of this commission! 

Check it out at Tom Ashbourne Gallery

A note from Tom:
“I’m also interested in creating a lasting legacy for collectors because bronze will last for thousands of years so I’m not really selling the art to this particular collector but it is being passed on.” Check out my new work Light & Energy made of bronze. 

Dare to Dream
William Hung - Collingwood, ON

Sculpted by William Hung. Cast and fabricated in aluminum by us here at RCI Studios, unveiled as a public art installation in Tremont Plaza, Collingwood, Ontario on December 8th, 2022.

From William:

"I hope "Dare to Dream" will inspire hope and love, and send a message of inclusion and celebration. I created "Dare to Dream" for anyone who has ever felt alone, for anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t belong, and for anyone who has ever yearned for a community to call their own. It is a reminder that they are not alone, that they do belong, and that everyone is welcome in Collingwood."

Sandy Williams IV - Richmond, VA

Bronzes by Sandy Williams IV in collaboration with Mariana Parisca & Warren Jones - Cast and Fabricated by us here at RCI Studios.
Now permanently installed at Westhampton College, University of Richmond.

Bronze T-Rex
Bozeman, MT 

With only four months notice, we molded, cast, mounted, and installed a 40 foot long bronze Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana. The commission involved producing waxes and a ceramic shell mold, casting in bronze, assembly, chasing, sandblasting, and patinating. The stainless steel support armature was also made in our shop. A first of its kind, the 6,500 lb skeleton was unveiled at the 2001 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology conference in Bozeman.

Wawa Goose
Wawa, ON

A giant goose has stood in Wawa for more than 50 years although it has needed some replacement before. The first goose did not last long, being sculpted from plaster. Wind, rain, and vandals made it’s life very short. After being replaced by a bigger, more realistic, metal one, the old goose was purchased by a private collector and has been restored. It is on display at a store outside of town. After 50 years the second goose was in great disrepair and it was time for a replacement. We were asked to fabricate it’s third iteration. The new bird is made of stainless steel and bronze sheeting. 

Designed with very few visual changes from it’s immediate predecessor, it stands almost 30 feet tall with an 18 foot wingspan. The town has traditionally relied on the Goose as a signal to motorists, indicating a place to stop on a very sparsely populated stretch of the TransCanada Highway. “Wawa” is the Ojibwe word for wild goose so the icon has been established strongly with the locals. The new goose is built to last far longer than it’s previous versions. Theoretically, it should stand without damage for over 500 years

Bronze City of Ottawa Map

Ottawa, ON

In 2008 our foundry was commissioned to create a rubber mold, produce waxes and ceramic shell molds and cast a bronze map of Ottawa as apart of their National Capitol Campaign.

Life-size Bronze Mastodon

Indianapolis, IN 

We were commissioned to sculpt, mold, and cast in bronze three life-size fleshed out Mastodon specimens for the Indiana State Museum and Purdue University in Fort Wayne. We worked with paleontologists from the museum and university to ensure anatomical accuracy of the model. We began the project by sculpting 1/10 scale maquettes. 

The maquettes were used as a guide to construct the full-size model. The full size models were made from Styrofoam and oil based clay. Once they were complete, they were then molded in silicone rubber and fibreglass. These molds were used to produce wax casts and sand molds for bronze casting. The bronze casting, assembly, finishing, chasing and patinating were all completed in our own production facility.