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RCI Studios
  • RCI Studios

    RCI Studios is a new division of Research Casting International founded with the intention of being a local and international collaborator with artists and galleries to meld science and artwork together.

    We have a world-class foundry that can create resin, bronze and aluminum castings, specializing in fine arts and museum artifact replication. Our dedicated staff of artisans also possess knowledge and experience in sculpting, molding, 3D scanning, printing, carving, enlarging, reducing, pattern making, patina, chasing, finishing, and installation. We have the capabilities to mold and cast just about anything an artist can imagine.

    We work with a variety of materials and have had pieces featured in museums such as the Smithsonian Institute, the Natural History Museum in London and The ROM. 

    We can also provide both ceramic shell and sand casting depending on which is the most suitable
    technique for quality and budget.


RCI Studios is home to a world-class foundry. 

Our facility houses a foundry to extend and apply the company’s molding and casting capabilities to bronze and aluminum. All services are performed in-house and include: sculpting, molding, waxes, ceramic shell, sandblasting, chasing and patina. To complement the foundry, the facility houses a metal shop equipped with machining, cutting, bending, rolling and welding equipment for custom metal fabrication.




Our History

EST 1998  

We opened our foundry in 1998 when we were commissioned to create and install twenty bronze panels for the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. Since then, we have gone on to work with clients like Google creating a full-size bronze T-rex skeleton for their campus and with artists like Gerald Gladstone helping bring their pieces to life in a variety of mediums. Over the years we have been able to expand our services to fit any service a client may need from 3D scanning and printing of sculptures at any scale to restoring and providing conservation on existing pieces.


Shelby Tasso

Project Management

Summer Thompson


Lisa Frank